Michael Buble has joked he's part of an all-star poker game comprised of famous Canadians.

Michael Buble

Michael Buble

The 42-year-old 'Feeling Good' singer is one the country's most famous people and he thinks that it's time the biggest Canadian celebrities, such as him, Drake and Ryan Reynolds, should form a private club.

When asked if there's a club where all the famous people hang out in Canada, he quipped: "Yeah there's a poker night with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, me, Celine (Dion), Alanis (Morissette), Justin Bieber, Drake sometimes pops in. Can you imagine?"

Although is joshing about the club, the 'Haven't Met You Yet' hitmaker is great friends with fellow Canada native Celine, and believes that British celebrities are similar to Canadians in that they feel a kinship with other stars from their home country.

He said: "I think UK celebrities are similar in that if you're in a room you do find each other there's a little [wink] but I know Celine and I love her. I was with her on stage recently. She's so sweet! She went to her crew, 'Tell me what to do and I'll execute,' and I was like wow that's great strength. The first time I ever met her I was 24. I had no record deal, nothing, and I was brought on as one of the kids and I was introduced to her back stage. I was really nervous and she was so kind and held my hand and said, 'Your hand is freezing' and it pumped me up so much before I went on.

"It gave me so much confidence when something like that happens, when people are like that, I remind myself that it's my responsibility to pass it on."

Although Canadians are friendly with each other, Michael believes they can sometimes be quite cold and reserved as a people.

He said: "I think we can be a little cold at times. I can walk into an elevator in New York and say to an average American, 'I like your shoes,' and we can have a conversation, which is fun, engaging.

"In Canada I can say, 'I like your shoes,' and they'll say, 'Thank you.' And that will be the end of the conversation."