Michael Urie says the cast of 'Ugly Betty' "would love to revive" the show.

Michael Urie

Michael Urie

The 38-year-old actor played Marc St. James, the eccentric personal assistant to Vanessa Williams' editor-in-chief character, Wilhelmina Slater, and he has urged network ABC to bring back the comedy drama, admitting everyone involved would jump at the chance to make a comeback.

Speaking to Vulture, Urie said: "We all would. We loved each other so much and we loved it so much. We would absolutely do a revival and if you're listening, ABC, please make it happen. You can make one of the characters a Trump supporter if [you] have to."

And Michael admitted he and his co-stars, including America Ferrera, who played the title character, are in constant contact.

"We're in touch all the time. [There] was just a text chain yesterday with America [Ferrera] and everybody, with this baby dressed up like Ugly Betty in the Guadalajara poncho."

Vanessa herself confirmed she'd be up for a return to the show.

The 'Save The Best for Last' singer-turned-actress said: "Sure! Let's see if it happens, but absolutely."

And Becki Newton would love to play Mode receptionist Amanda Tanen again.

Asked if she would be interested in a revival, she said: "Yes, period! Amanda is not doing anything different. Amanda is doing the exact same thing and I think that's why I enjoy playing her so much. She felt like she was wildly unpredictable.

"But I feel like, from an audience's point of view, we can plan on what Amanda would do and say. I don't know, I feel like she's still following everyone around and still at Mode magazine waiting for everyone to come back."