Michelle Pfeiffer almost cancelled plans to appear in public after a pickleball accident left her with a black eye.

Michelle Pfeiffer got a black eye playing pickleball

Michelle Pfeiffer got a black eye playing pickleball

The 65-year-old 'Batman Returns' star has admitted she came close to pulling out of an appearance on Drew Barrymore's self-titled talk show on Thursday (07.12.23) after she was hit in the face with a ball while playing the game with her two sisters DeDee and Lori and their friends but she eventually decided to go ahead with the interview.

Speaking on 'The Drew Barrymore show', Michelle explained: "Have you seen my Instagram? I still have a black eye ..."

Michelle explained she cancelled a previous appearance on Drew's show because she had a stye on her eye and admitted she couldn't back out again over another eye-related incident.

She went on: "The funny thing was the first time I was supposed to come on the show, I got a stye so I felt I can't .. who knows what they are going to say about me so I cancelled... It was vanity... Last Thursday, I’m playing pickleball — the ball hits me in the eye. The first thing I thought, ‘I’m gonna have to cancel Drew again!' I was playing with DeeDee and Lori and a couple of friends ...

"It was [Lori’s friend] who hit me in the eye. He was horrified of course. He couldn’t speak to me, he couldn’t even look at me."

The actress previously shared a picture of her black eye on Instagram and joked: "WARNING Pickleball-Stay out of the Kitchen!! Thank you, Less!" before adding the injury was "nothing serious. Thank God!” She continued: "Life is sweetened with risk!"

During the interview on 'The Drew Barrymore show', Michelle went on to talk about how she is coping as an "empty nester" now her two children have grown up and left home - revealing she recently got a new puppy named Dot.

She explained: "I had forgotten how much work a puppy is. But she's so worth it. She's adorable and she's very funny and she's wicked smart."