Michelle Visage's husband David Case and her daughter have been undergoing ketamine therapy.

Michelle Visage has revealed her family members have been undergoing ketamine therapy

Michelle Visage has revealed her family members have been undergoing ketamine therapy

The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' star opened up about her family's treatment calling the drug a "game-changer" for her loved ones and insisted it's working as part of a therapeutic regime, which is often used to treat severe depression.

During an appearance on Kathy Burke's 'Where There's A Will There's A Wake' podcast, Michelle explained: "My husband and my daughter have just completed ketamine therapy."

Michelle didn't reveal which of her two daughters was undergoing the therapy, but insisted the drug is becoming a much more common treatment, adding: "It is popping up on every corner in dispensaries in Los Angeles."

However, the TV star said she does not approve of recreational drugs, saying they "have never been good" and added: "[I have] never taken drugs in my life."

However, she called her family's ketamine therapy "a game changer", adding: "It is good".

Michelle, 54, previously opened up about her own health struggles, revealing she struggled with menopause as well as issues stemming from her breast implants which she ended up having removed.

The former singer got herself back on track by taking up weight lifting as part of a healthy new exercise regime. Speaking on her BBC podcast 'Rule Breakers', she explained: "Menopause was a big wake-up for me. It shook me. I new nothing. I went into it not knowing a thing. It was the worst thing I experienced in my life.

"It's by far the worst thing I've experienced. I'm not a weak person and I was like: ''I'm gonna give up soon if I don't get help'.

"This past year when I got my breast implants taken out, I had to take them out. Perimenopause, breast implant illness, all at the same time."

She added of her exercise regime: "I'm so proud of my change. I did it with a commitment to heavy weight lifting - being a woman of a certain age that is really gonna fend off the doctors, because resistance training is key. People think it's cardio and running - no! It's getting into that gym. Do not care what people think about you. I do it with YouTube and I do it from home with weights as well ... It's all free online!"