Miley Cyrus says Dolly Parton contacts her by fax.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

The 27-year-old singer has admitted she was left baffled when her godmother and country icon Dolly sent her a message using the outdated form of communication asking her to collaborate on her upcoming holiday album.

Miley doesn’t even own a fax machine, but that didn’t stop the ‘9 to 5’ hitmaker, 74, from getting “upset” when Miley was unable to respond to the message.

During an appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, the show’s host asked Miley: "So Dolly Parton, she called you?”

And the ‘Midnight Sky’ singer replied: "She faxed me. She gets upset when you don't respond. And it's like, I'm sorry, I don't even know. Half the people watching your show might not even know what a fax machine is.”

Miley was eventually able to read Dolly’s message thanks to her famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who owns a fax machine as well as two Blackberry phones from 2005.

She added: "He says two Blackberries equal an iPhone, which is not true. But he's also one of those.”

Meanwhile, Dolly recently insisted she still feels as though she’s "just getting started" in the music business, despite releasing her debut album more than 50 years ago in 1967.

She said: "I'm touched and honoured that I'm still around and that I'm able to still be important in the business.

"I honestly feel like I'm just getting started. I know that sounds crazy but I really feel like I might have a big music career, record career. Who knows?"

Dolly also credited her father with helping to instil a strong business sense in her, even though he was illiterate and struggled for money during her childhood.

She explained: "Even though my daddy didn't get an education, my daddy was really smart in making deals and bargaining and how he raised a family like he did."