Millie Mackintosh has claimed Meghan, Duchess of Sussex "ghosted" her after she began dating Prince Harry.

Millie Mackintosh used to be friends with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Millie Mackintosh used to be friends with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star first met the duchess at the opening of a hotel in Istanbul and they "got on like a house on fire", staying in touch afterwards, with the 33-year-old beauty handing over "all of her contacts" when the 'Suits' star moved to London - but then Meghan "abruptly" ceased contact when her royal romance was made public.

Speaking on the 'Mumlemmas' podcast, Millie recalled messaging Meghan when her relationship with Harry was revealed, and said: “I messaged her and said, ‘'Hey I hope you're OK, thinking of you', and she just sent me this really abrupt message, that was really unlike any of our communications before.

“It wasn’t like I’d messaged her asking if it was true - that was none of my business, I didn’t care - I was just like, 'Are you ok?'. What I read from that message was that she maybe needed a bit of space, she needed to cool off, she was angry, she was maybe under a lot of pressure.

“I didn't message her again, but I did expect that we would stay in touch. I thought she'd message back and say, ‘Look, sorry everything is a bit stressful right now.’

"She cut me dead. I never heard from her again.

"I felt like she'd basically told me to f*** off in that message. So I did. And we haven't spoken since.”

Millie believes the 41-year-old duchess - who has Prince Archie, four, and Princess Lilibet, 23 months, with Harry - cut her off because she was a reality star and no longer "useful".

She said: “My take on it is that, this is my instinct why it happened at the time, she thought right I'm gonna be royal now, I don't need Millie in my life - what could I offer her at that point?

“She had met her prince. I was on a reality show, so she obv was like, ‘I can't be associated with 'Made In Chelsea', I'm gonna be royal. I’ve got to cut her loose. I just wasn’t useful any more.”

Admitting it was "quite hurtful" to be cut off, Millie admitted she would love to meet with Meghan again so she could ask her: “Why did you ghost me?”

She added: “We all know it hasn’t just happened to me.”