Mindy Kaling has bought Frank Sinatra's former Malibu mansion for $9.55 million.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

The 40-year-old actress and her two-year-old daughter Katherine are poised to move into the spectacular abode, which boasts seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The Hollywood star - who previously lived in suburban Los Angeles - will also be able to enjoy enviable views from her new beach house, which features an elevator, a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen and a swimming pool.

The spectacular residence even boasts a hair salon and a steam room, according to the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

The beach house was previously owned by Sinatra, who used the custom-built property to entertain some of his showbiz pals, such as Gregory Peck and Dick Martin.

Meanwhile, Mindy previously revealed she felt under pressure to represent her entire race, because of the movie industry's lack of diversity.

The actress - whose parents are from India - insisted entertainers from minority backgrounds face a unique pressure in the entertainment business.

She said: "A lot of times when you come into a room and you're the only person of colour or only woman if you're working with a lot of white guys and they say something dumb or have a bad day it's not like you think, 'Well, all white men must be like this' - because you have a sense of context.

"But when I was a writer, if I had a bad day or said something lame or unfunny, 'Oh this is what they think Indian women are like.'

"Not only are you trying to make it on a show and be funny and get asked back. But you also have the mantle of all Asian women or Indian women or just women, are this way.

"If I have a bad day it doesn't feel so good to be a representative."