Mira Sorvino’s “heart burns” for child sex trafficking victims.

Mira Sorvino’s ‘heart burns’ for child sex trafficking victims

Mira Sorvino’s ‘heart burns’ for child sex trafficking victims

The Oscar and Golden Globe winner, 55, hit out at the cruel trade after filming her new movie ‘Sound of Freedom’, which tells the true story of how federal agent Tim Ballard (played by Tim Caviezel) quit his job and risked his life to journey into the jungles of Colombia to try and save a girl from sex slavery.

Mira, who plays Tim’s wife in the film – and who has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime with a focus on human trafficking since 2009 – told the Washington Examiner she was drawn to the film because she has “met so many child survivors and my heart burns for them”.

But she added: “They all have the capacity to rebound. That is what I’ve learned over all these years of meeting all these tremendously brave and earnest and honest survivors is that they’re all ready to take their lives back.

“All they need is for us to get involved enough to help them do it. Right now only 0.4 per cent of human trafficking victims are ever discovered and either rescued or exited themselves. We all have to do more.”

Mira – who has two daughters and two sons with her 41-year-old actor husband of 19 years Christopher Backus – also called for an end to the commercialisation of sex, saying it creates a “marketplace for the sale of trafficked human beings”.

She added: “If you buy it you’re creating that marketplace where traffickers bring their human wares to sell.

“The mind becomes more and more deranged. The appetite grows upon feeding, right?

“Addiction craves more and more depravity – in sex addiction. We just can’t accept it anymore. We can’t let sweet children of the world be exploited in this way and hurt in this way.”

‘Sound of Freedom’ distributor Angel Studios has called for two million people to purchase tickets and attend the film in cinemas to represent the two million trafficked children across the world.

The company’s president Jordan Harmon said the company believes the film “will not only be a movement for the world to end child trafficking, but hopefully help people understand that our mission is to tell stories that are going to impact culture”.