Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Born 15 August 1990 at 8.17 pm in Louisville, Kentucky/USA

Thanks to her Sun placed in glitzy Leo, actress Jennifer Lawrence radiates inner strength and warmth. Leo girls are fun, but they also like to be recognized for their individual qualities and achievements. Although “J-Law” certainly enjoys shining in the spotlight, she doesn’t get swept away with the hype about her – drama is her thing, being a drama queen isn’t! Her Rising sign in frank Aquarius gives her that edgy approach to life and a vibrant personality. She loves to goof around and be her quirky self which so effortlessly stands out from the crowd. The unusual stuff and anything that promises excitement will likely attract her, and in her everyday life she longs for some uplifting, special moments and adventure. It’s important for her to find a vision to follow, and she gets along well with quick, unexpected changes which came in handy when she played the shape-shifting Mystique in X-Men! Her independent, carefree spirit allows her to act on impulse, while at the same time her birth chart reveals that she’s a very sensible, sharp-witted, thoughtful person who wants to do the right thing.

Next to possessing a high level of self-confidence, this girl is a fighter and she’s able to stand the pace when things get rough and tough. The Hunger Games star and Academy Award winner likes to take charge, which makes her perfect in strong female starring roles. Jennifer’s chart shows ambition and emphasizes that she needs challenges and competition to evolve as a person, hinting that the action genre probably suits her best, as it allows her to display her power and assertiveness. No doubt she’s inclined to cooperate with others and build equal partnerships, but it’s clear that she has her own ideas and can be terribly stubborn! People who refuse to accept a “No” from her will have a hard time trying to persuade her otherwise. That dynamic constellation also shows that as soon as she’s made up her mind, she just wants to move forward and get to the point. Luckily, the strong earth element in her chart helps to ground her!

The actress is very versatile and definitely the chatty and playful type, but don’t expect her to go too deep into her feelings – she’d rather let her mind rule her emotions and prefers the analytical over the passionate way of handling them. She normally isn’t a fussy person at all, but there’s a tendency to be quite self-critical or generally sensitive to criticism. In a romantic relationship, Jennifer’s ideal partner should have a strong, independent and charismatic personality to match her own, and she wants someone who is faithful and devoted. So is her boyfriend of three years, British actor Nicholas Hoult, up to the task? You bet. Their chart comparison even suggests the fiery Sagittarius, no less energetic than she, may be a major driving force behind Jennifer’s jaw-dropping success!

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