Mischa Barton claims she has been subjected to "complete emotional abuse" for several months.

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

The 31-year-old actress features in a sex tape that has been offered for sale by a former boyfriend, but she insists they are not interested in money, rather than controlling her.

Speaking to Dr. Phil McGraw in footage for an upcoming episode of his show that has been obtained by TMZ, she said: "It wasn't really a threat at the time it was obviously complete emotional blackmail. It was time to distance myself from all of these people immediately, because there is not much you can do about it.

"It was a crime. It is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge like that and I had made the mistake of putting myself in the situation with the person so I just removed myself as quickly as I could and then it just continued to be complete emotional abuse after that for the last several, several months."

Mischa has been aware of the tape for "several months" and was stunned when she first heard of it's existence.

Asked when she first heard about the tape, she said: "Several months ago.

"It got to me because somebody came up to me on the street... and said there's something I need to tell you and I didn't believe it at first, I couldn't believe it.

"Because I had loved this person and I didn't think it was possible. And I later learned it was entirely possible."

Mischa recently slammed the "horrific experience" in a press conference.

She also said: "I just want to say that I have been put through an incredibly hard and trying time. This is a painful situation and my absolute fear was realised when I learned that someone I thought I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments without my consent, with hidden cameras. And then I learned something even worse - that someone is trying to sell these videos and make them public.

"I want to protect [other women] from the pain and humiliation that I have had to go through. No woman should have to go through this, and I am beyond grateful to Lisa Bloom, the Bloom firm and to all my friends that have helped me through this horrific experience. It is a very hard thing to do, but I am glad that I am finally standing up for myself."

The former 'O.C.' star previously obtained temporary restraining orders against both her former lover Jon Zacharias, 30, and another man, which forbids them from selling or sharing any naked images.

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