Nicholas Hoult "stole" a painting of himself as the Emperor of Russia.

Nicholas Hoult takes souvenirs from set

Nicholas Hoult takes souvenirs from set

The 'Renfield' actor admitted he likes to take souvenirs from sets at the end of a shoot, and one of the most eye-catching pieces of memorabilia he has come home with is a piece of artwork, likely taken from TV show 'The Great', in which he plays Emperor Peter III.

Speaking to Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman on Heart Breakfast, he confessed: "Yes. Yes, I do steal stuff."

Asked the best thing he's taken, he added: "What have I told them that I've really liked? I've got a few letters and like artwork. I've got a painting of myself as the Emperor of Russia.

"Which is kind of cool to have in the house I guess. I stole like the chain that tied me and Tom Hardy together in 'Mad Max'.

"I've got a few things dotted around that's what I can remember at the moment."

But the 33-year-old star admitted not all of his stolen souvenirs are on display.

Asked where he keeps them, he said: "Just on the shelf... And some of its in like bags and stuff."

Meanwhile, Nicholas dismissed reports his 'Renfield' co-star Nicolas Cage had "shaved down" his teeth to create fangs for playing Dracula in the movie.

He said: "It's so funny because I was with him the other day and you never know what's going to be clickbait and what's going to become... I read one where they were like 'Nick Cage actually shaved down his teeth'. Like sharp like vampire teeth, it's like it's all kind of not true.

"He also wasn't method on set at all like in between takes he wasn't walking around thinking he was Dracula and sucking blood he was very normal Nick Cage."

Despite his co-star's eccentric image, the British actor insisted he had a great time working with Nicolas.

He said: "He just cares so much about filmmaking about acting and he's also really good sport because we had him in like eight hours worth of make-up... 20 pounds worth of prosthetic make-up.

"Before you even started shooting and roasting hot and he never complained once, was always on time ready to play so really good experience."

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