Nick Grimshaw knew he was gay when he saw a picture of a wet David Beckham in a football magazine.

Nick Grimshaw has recalled the moment he realised he fancied men

Nick Grimshaw has recalled the moment he realised he fancied men

The former BBC Radio 1 DJ - who is engaged to model and dancer Meshach Henry - discovered he fancied the same sex when he stumbled on a saucy snap of the retired football hunk.

He told new! magazine: "I once went to get a football magazine to try to learn about it all.

"I flicked through and it felt unnatural for me to be reading about football.

But then I turned a page and saw something that struck me.

"It was a black-and-white photo of a wet David Beckham.

"Seeing Beckham was like seeing the northern lights.

"I thought David was the perfect representation of a man and me realising that I fancy men."

A couple of years ago, Nick was forced to deny "weird" dating rumours about him and his best pal Harry Styles.

The 38-year-old television presenter and the former One Direction star have been friends for years and he was shocked when he learned about fan speculation of a romance between the pair when he was researching information ahead of interviewing Harry about his self-titled debut solo album in 2017.

He said: "It wasn't weird at the time, it's weirder now. At the time, you're just getting on with your life and you're doing the radio and just hanging out and you're like, whatever. But it was weirder when he came on to do the solo stuff and I started doing my Harry research, writing questions and stuff, and when I Googled him I was like, 'This is actually a thing'."

Nick believes rumours started after the pair "really got on" when they first met, and said people often assume things about 28-year-old Harry's sexuality.

He added: "It's kind of crazy because we'd met and we just really got on. I don't know if it's because we were both Northern and had quite a similar sense of humour.

"And because he was down in London and away from friends and family, we all just ended up hanging out together and getting on. I think that people assumed that because I was gay and he wears, like, floral shirts that he must be gay and they were like, 'They must be going out with each other'."

Nick then insisted he and Harry - who is dating 38-year-old actress Olivia Wilde - have definitely never been romantically involved.

Asked if anything had ever happened between himself and the 'Sign of the Times' hitmaker, Nick said: "No, no. Not at all. It was an odd, odd thing to happen."