Nick Jonas loves Shania Twain "more than most people".

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

The 25-year-old singer - who is rumoured to be dating model Georgia Fowler - has previously confessed to having a childhood crush on the 'Man!I Feel Like a Woman' hitmaker and after teaming up with the 52-year-old country singer on new festive single 'Say All You Want For Christmas', his feelings for her are as strong as ever.

He gushed to 'Extra': "I love Shania -- I've been a fan for a long time."

And talking about his childhood crush, he added: "Oh, yeah -- and still!... I love her more than most people."

Nick is currently readying himself for a cosy family Thanksgiving celebration.

He said: "[There'll be] good movies, good times, [sitting] around the fire."

Up next professionally for the singer is the release of animated comedy 'Ferdinand', for which he realised a long-held dream by recording original song 'Home', though he admitted it took a while to craft the perfect track.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think music and film have always had such an important relationship, especially animated films.

"So I met with Carlos [Saldanha], the director, we talked about the film and his vision for it and what he wanted the song to be, and I started writing.

"I had a couple attempts at writing it that didn't go so well, I didn't feel like I nailed it.

"Then, after the third or fourth try, I teamed up with Justin Tranter, a really talented song writer and friend of mine, and we talked about what it means to feel loved and accepted. And for us both that was home, the ideas of being with our families and friends. And so the song was born."

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