Nicolas Cage has said women need to be "heard and supported" in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

The ongoing scandal surrounding allegations made against several Hollywood stars has already spawned the Time's Up and Me Too movements, and 54-year-old actor Nicolas has now thrown his support behind the causes.

Speaking to People magazine at Sundance Film Festival on Friday (19.01.18), he said: "Every opportunity I get to work with a female director - one of the best movies I ever made was 'Valley Girl' and I just did a picture called 'Inconceivable' with Maria Pulera and there was a strong female cast. I realise that the talent and creativity needs to be heard and supported and cherished."

Nicolas' comments come just days after Sundance Institute founder Robert Redford made a similar statement, when he highlighted the importance of women having a "stronger voice".

He said: "Change is inevitable. I'm pretty encouraged right now. What it's doing is bringing more opportunities for women ... Women are going to have a stronger voice ... I think the role of men right now is to listen."

Nicolas and Robert aren't the only stars ready to see change throughout Hollywood either, as actress Mira Sorvino recently revealed she was "excited" about the impact that the current discourse would have on her daughters.

She said: "I'm very excited that this movement of #MeToo and Time's Up is taking place, not only for myself but honestly for my daughters because I cannot stand the idea that they would have to suffer what I, and just about any other woman that I have ever met, have suffered in some point in her life, if not multiple times.

"It all requires great consideration and thought. It's not a snap-to-judgment thing. I think it's a really wonderful awakening time for all of us as moral human beings to say that no one should ever have to be abused in their workplace, in their home, [or] harassed."