Nicole Kidman missed her family while filming 'Expats' in Hong Kong.

Nicole Kidman filmed the show in Hong Kong

Nicole Kidman filmed the show in Hong Kong

The 56-year-old actress shot the TV mini-series in Asia amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Nicole has now admitted that she struggled to deal with the restrictions.

Nicole - who has Sunday, 15, and Faith, 13, with husband Keith Urban, as well as Bella, 31, and Connor, 29, with ex-husband Tom Cruise - told 'Extra': "I was missing my kids and my husband.

"We loved Hong Kong, we were able to shoot really in the city, everything in there is authentic.

"I would climb seven flights of stairs to shoot in the little apartment. We would just kind of hustle, it felt like we were doing a small film even though it was such an enormous undertaking and we got to see Hong Kong, which was gorgeous."

Nicole previously admitted that her performance was affected by the COVID restrictions in Hong Kong.

The award-winning actress also revealed that she missed having her family by her side.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I was alone in Hong Kong without my family, which was a terrible mistake. I couldn’t just get on a plane and get to them. And they couldn’t get to me. That affected the performance, to the degree that it also affected my psyche.

"But it was like the domestic violence storyline in 'Big Little Lies'. I think: people go through this, my job is to be the conduit and perform it to its absolute authentic truth. And if I’m not doing that, then I’m not serving why I work as an actor, which is to artistically connect to the way life is, in all its pain and glory."

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