Noel Gallagher is furious his daughter has taken up smoking.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

The 'Holy Mountain' singer - who has 17-year-old Anais with ex-wife Meg Matthews, as well as sons Donovan, 10, and Sonny, seven, with wife Sara MacDonald - doesn't think the teenager will cause him many problems as she gets older, but he's unhappy she's already picked up a vice.

However, his spouse pointed out he is in no position to criticise Anais because of his own wild past.

He said: "She is cool, I've got to say. She's got a very calm nature and doesn't seem to take things very seriously.

"I don't detect any problems on the horizon, although she has just started smoking and I wanted to pull her hair out.

"But as my wife said, 'Oh really? What are you going to say? All she's got to do is Google your name'. And I'm like, 'OK, fair enough.' "

While Noel enjoys playing football with his sons, he doesn't think they'll grow up to be professional sports stars, though they already have a lot of talent in other areas.

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker told OK! magazine: "I don't think [they'll be professionals]. I play football with them every weekend, they enjoy it, which is the main thing.

"My eldest boy is, for his age, I think an incredible artist. He's left-handed, left-footed and got blue eyes like his dad, so he's special. There are only one in 10 of us in the world. So he's got that artistic thing.

"My young lad is very, very determined. He doesn't take s**t off anyone, even at seven years old.

"He could well be a comedian, he's very funny. I wonder where he gets that from..."

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