Noel Gallagher's daughter Anais once dyed her armpit hair bright pink to make a feminist statement.

Anais and Noel Gallagher

Anais and Noel Gallagher

Anais decided that she no longer wanted to shave the strands spouting out of her underarms because she's "really proud" of what her body does naturally but her mother Meg Matthews - Noel's ex-wife - is not a "fan" of her carefree attitude to body hair, however, she respects her individuality and commitment to feminism.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Friday (10.11.17), Meg, 51, said: "Anais has decided that she doesn't shave under her armpits and I'm sad to say I'm not a big fan. Last summer, she grew them - she still has long hair under her arms - but she bleached it and dyed it bright pink. She's just really proud and she's quite a feminist in that way and she just thinks that it's all great."

However, although she's a feminist, the teenage model still wants to bag herself a boyfriend because she thinks finding "Mr. Right" will make her feel better - but she thinks men aren't interested in pursuing her because she's too "embarrassing."

The blonde beauty previously said: "I need love today. I'm feeling super fragile and basically need a boyfriend. But keep reminding myself I'm too embarrassing to get one! (sic)"

When a user with the handle @AGuyNamedLewis wrote: @gallagher_anais if your standards ever decrease hmu x (sic)"

She insisted she already has "low standards".

Her response read on Twitter: "Little does he know my standards are already the lowest a humans could possibly be. (sic)"

It came shortly after reports suggested Anais had rekindled her romance with former Stereo Kicks singer Reece Bibby two years after their split.

The duo first started dating in May 2015, but split just seven months later.

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