Olivia Colman was desperate to have superpowers in ‘Secret Invasion’.

Olivia Colman keen to have superpowers in Secret Invasion

Olivia Colman keen to have superpowers in Secret Invasion

The Oscar-winning actress stars in the new Nick Fury-centred series as MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth and she admitted she was disappointed when MCU bosses insisted her character was just a regular mortal.

She told Empire magazine: “I kept asking if I could be bitten by something or fall into a vat of something. They were having none of it.”

But Olivia loved getting the chance to work with Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick, and they hit it off immediately.

She exclaimed: “I loved him. Loudest man you’ve ever met. Joyful, funny, naughty.

“He said he thought my trainers were ‘dope’. Didn’t take them off for a year.”

However, the 49-year-old actress was envious of her co-star’s character’s set-up.

She said: “I think his office is cooler. I mean, it’s in space!”

Samuel was equally delighted to work with Olivia, having been a fan of her work since she stared in police drama series ‘Broadchurch’.

He said: “I thought, ‘How lucky can I be to know that today is finally going to be the day I get to act with Olivia Colman?’

“The next thing you know, we were having the most fun you ever could have, sitting there pretending to be these two people that have had a long relationship seeing each other again for the first time in years.”

After playing Nick in 12 movies, the new TV series and cameos in ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, Samuel admitted the thing he finds most difficult about the character is the times he’s not on screen.

He said:” Sometimes it’s the absence of Nick Fury that’s hard for me.

“I was trying to figure out where I was during ‘Civil War’, when the kids were fighting and I wasn’t there to say, ‘Everybody go to your room.’

“Where was I during ‘Endgame’?

“It’s harder for me not to be there, than be there.”