Orlando Bloom found it "a little awkward" to film sex scenes with Cara Delevingne in 'Carnival Row'.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

The 42-year-old actor - who is engaged to Katy Perry - is starring with Cara in the eight-part neo-noir fantasy series for Amazon Prime Video, and has said he found it difficult to film the series' racy scenes, especially because he and Cara have known each other as friends for many years.

He told MailOnline: "It's always a little awkward, honestly. There's a lot of people standing around watching you pretending to have sex, if that's the same rule for violence or whatever it may be. I don't think it's intentionally gratuitous, it leads into the fantasy genre of the show, it's good."

Orlando's comments come after Cara - who is romancing actress Ashley Benson - recently praised her co-star for his "professionalism", and said it was "really fun" to work alongside someone she knows.

She said: "We're friends from London, we're actors, we just know each other, because we've been around the same social circles. It was just really fun to work with someone I really know.

"But then also, to find that professionalism in him - which obviously he has because he's an incredible actor - but just to see his passion for the project which I also had ... and just like fall in love with this project and really go for it. It was such a collaborative process. Really, he's brilliant."

And considering how close they've become since working on the web television series, Cara and her girlfriend Ashley - who she's rumoured to be engaged to - will no doubt receive an invitation to Orlando and Katy Perry's future wedding.

The couple got engaged six months ago, but 34-year-old Katy has said she's in no rush to tie the knot with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star, because she thinks its "important" for them to lay a "beautiful foundation" before they get married.

She said recently: "Well, I think we're doing really great and we're really doing the hard work and laying the beautiful foundation before we start to build a monster house. I'm saying more figuratively, like emotionally. It's important for us to really do the work before we go and take this really big next step. Because he was married before and It's not the same in your 30s as you know."