Pattie Boyd thinks men aren't "allowed to be proper men" any more.

Pattie Boyd thinks there's no 'proper men' allowed

Pattie Boyd thinks there's no 'proper men' allowed

The 79-year-old model - who was previously married to late Beatles legend George Harrrison and Eric Clapton and is now wed to Rod Weston - complained the #MeToo movement has led to guys feeling "attacked" and having to curb their natural behaviours.

She told the 'My Wardrobe Malfunction' podcast: "I feel really sorry for men becaue they're not allowed to be proper men any longer, because they are attacked.

"I think, Where have all the men gone? The women have sent them away."

Pattie insisted she never had "any issues" with unwanted sexual advances from photographers in her career hey day because she and her fellow models all looked out for one another.

She said: "[In the 60s] we all warned each other so you knew who to say, 'P*** off' to.

"I never really had any issues. There wasn't a MeToo movement. Men weren't so outrageous in those days."

The photographer previously branded moden young people "woke and over-sensitive" and admitted she believes freedom is slowly being eroded as a result.

Last month, she was quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper's Eden Confidential column as saying: "Everybody's so different, particularly young people now. You know, they're woke and over-sensitive about everything. And I thought, 'How odd'.

"I feel that there's been a huge cycle, because in the 1960s we broke away. We wanted freedom, we fought for it, and we wore outrageous clothes and short dresses. Artists painted outrageous things, filmmakers started being totally free. Here was a freedom suddenly.

"I feel that cycle is now coming to an end. The freedom has been taken away. It's the opposite of the 1960s, when we were brave and we could say and do anything."