Pedro Pascal says Willem Dafoe has been his "greatest teacher".

Pedro Pascal gushed over his 'greatest teacher' Willem Dafoe

Pedro Pascal gushed over his 'greatest teacher' Willem Dafoe

The 68-year-old actor was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the sidewalk on Monday (08.01.24) and his 'Great Wall' co-star and longtime friend Pedro, 48, was among those to give speeches celebrating the 'Streets of Fire' star's legacy in Hollywood.

The 'Narcos' star began by sharing the profound reaction he had seeing Willem in the 1986 war film 'Platoon'.

He recalled: "I saw Platoon in the movie theatre with my father and he made me cry so hard my dad sent me to the bathroom, this was 1986 I was 10 years old and I still wanted to be an actor.

“He redefines the concept of rebel and originality by making it about generosity, integrity, kindness and fun. Willem is a good time and an amazing friend.”

Pedro went on: “He has been my greatest teacher.

“I’ll go as far to say he is the greatest American actor in our lifetime. You cannot compare his career to anyone’s, truthfully.

“So it is our fortune to have him and I personally am very grateful.”

Pedro declared his "love" for the Marvel star once more before the pair shared a peck.

An overwhelmed Willem reacted to the introduction: “I can’t stop smiling I feel like a real idiot, this is wonderful.

“When I think of the names of the people that I’ve watched all my life, some people I’ve worked with, some people I don’t know and a lot of people that I’ve admired, so it’s really humbling to be here and be part of this."

Noting the movie industry's concerns over a rise in the use of AI, the 'Aquaman' star added: "It is wonderful to be part of this community of artists and entertainers, by sharing their experience, imagining others’ perspectives, telling stories and musing what is, was and most importantly could be, they make us feel closer to each other and connect us creating an important human dialogue particularly needed in these detached, technology-driven and divisive times.”

Patricia Arquette, 55, who starred alongside Willem in 2023's 'Gonzo Girl', gushed: “Willem is one of those people who exceeds your hopes when you work with him… To know Willem is to love Willem.”

Mark Ruffalo and director Guillermo Del Toro were also guests at the ceremony.

Willem also shared a sweet moment with his wife Giada Colagrande, 48, as the pair kissed in a rare appearance together.