Pete Doherty got clean "by accident".

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty

The Libertines rocker has battled heroin addiction for several years, but is finally free of drugs after undergoing a stint in a Thai rehab clinic, which he checked into because he knew he had reached "make or break" point but he admits he never expected results.

He said: "I really needed to do it. I was in a pretty poor state, physically.

"I reached the end of the road. It was make or break. There was no easy way out. I just couldn't carry on in the state I was in.

"I suppose I went for a little break and I got clean by accident and really didn't expect... I tried so many times before... half-arsed attempts to get clean and do these little patch up jobs."

The 'What a Waster' singer was "horribly broken" when he entered the clinic, but for the first time felt an affinity with the counsellors and realised he could kick his habit.

He told NME magazine: "It's home. It's the people working there. It's different types of counselling.

"There's people who have really been there, been through it and who I could really relate to.

"It just made sense, to wake up in the morning and be clean and not have to grapple around, to feel normal - and it had been such a battle.

"It was like I hit a wall, a place... you can't. It's like you can't live without drugs but you can't live with them any more. And you're just horrible broken.

"I've been through that really. I just realised how life could be without drugs, just learned it all over again."

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