Peter Andre is worried his new baby will be a "terror".

Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre

Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre

The 'Behind Closed Doors' singer thinks he and wife Emily - who is four months pregnant - have been very lucky because their two-year-old daughter Amelia has been a "dream", so they are worried their next child will have a very different temperament.

He said: "She really is a dream. Emily and I have been wondering if our next child will be a bit of a terror because Mills is so good.

"If we get unlucky and the new baby is a nightmare then we won't have any more."

The 43-year-old singer - who also has children Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, with ex-wife Katie Price - was particularly pleased Amelia was so well-behaved on their recent holiday to Cyprus.

He told OK! magazine: "She loved it. When she's ready, she'll say, 'Millie has had enough sun now' or 'Millie wants to go to sleep'.

"She's tearing about the place now so we always have to have one eye on her but she knows that she's not allowed by the pool without her arm bands on.

"She would swim all day if we let her.

"She loves having a bedtime story too. I've just started telling her one I made up for Princess and Junior when they were younger called 'Strawberry Barbecue'. It brings back so many memories of when they were young.

"When I'm done telling her a story she says, 'Daddy can go now' and turns over and goes to sleep."

Peter thinks Emily's pregnancy is going very quickly and he is feeling "emotional".

He said: "We felt the baby move the other day and it made me quite emotional. This pregnancy feels like it's going too quickly, we're already halfway through."