Peter Dinklage has joked that he just happened to "be in the room" when his wife wrote 'Cyrano'.

Peter Dinklage was eager to star in his wife's film

Peter Dinklage was eager to star in his wife's film

The 52-year-old actor stars in the musical romance movie - but he insists that Erica Schmidt didn't write the film with him in mind to play Cyrano de Bergerac.

Pete - who has been married to Erica since 2005 - told Newsweek: "She definitely didn’t write this for me. When she created this thing, I just happened to be in the room and unemployed at the time, truly."

Peter also quipped about how Erica wrote a "version" of him for the movie.

He said: "I always think she’s writing like, the perfect version of me but the version of me that she wishes I was. No, but that’s very egotistical of me to say and think that way, and unhealthy."

Recently, Erica revealed how she was initially "resistant" to the idea of Peter looking at her script.

She shared: "Peter said, ‘Maybe I could read it?’ Now when your life partner is a massive celebrity who everyone knows, there is a way in which everything becomes all about him, so I have to be frank and say I was a little resistant.

"But by the time he’d read it, it was clear he was absolutely perfect for it. So much about Peter’s own character was so similar: the razor-sharp intellect, his wit, his sense of humour."

Pete ultimately "begged" for his wife to give him the role.

The actor - who previously starred in 'Game of Thrones' - said: "For an actor, you always wanna do something that - for me at least - that scares you ... I just never had sung since I was a kid."

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