Peter Dinlage needed a "dragon break" after 'Game of Thrones' ended.

Peter Dinklage hasn't seen House of the Dragon

Peter Dinklage hasn't seen House of the Dragon

The 53-year-old actor portrayed Tyrion Lannister in all eight seasons of the HBO fantasy drama series but he hasn't yet watched spin-off prequel series 'House of the Dragon' as he needed to step back from life in Westeros, though he does intend to catch the show at some point.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I haven't seen it yet.

"I just did that show for a really long time. And I watched some other stuff. [But] I intend to, definitely. I heard it's really good.

"I just watched a lot of 'Rick and Morty'. I really loved 'Ozark' and stuff like that."

Peter has recently been kept busy working on 'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' and he found providing the voice for the villainous Scourge was a lot of fun because he had to be "less reliant" on his usual performance "tricks", even if he didn't get to join the rest of the cast out on location.

He explained: "That's part of the fun of doing a movie like this. With the vocal performances, all you have is the voice, so you really rely on finding the nuance.

'With Steven [Caple Jr.], our director -- who is incredible -- he guided me through the whole thing while I'm in my lonely sound booth. I was in the flat iron district while everybody else was on set in Peru!

"When you only have your voice, you um are less reliant on your bag of tricks, as an actor, which is fun.

"You actually find and sort of remind yourself how important your voice is."

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