Pixie Lott saved her family from accidentally driving off a cliff.

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

The 'Mama Do' hitmaker has revealed during a family skiing holiday her and her relatives narrowly escaped a fatal accident when they were driving down an "icy road".

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about her near miss, the blonde-haired beauty said: "I was once on a family skiing holiday in Puy-Saint-Vincent, a tiny resort in south-eastern France, and we had to drive down a really icy road on a steep cliff, which was really scary anyway.

"My poor dad was driving but couldn't keep control of the car and we went careering towards the edge of the cliff".

But it was the 26-year-old singer who saved the day as she opened the door on her side of the car, which shifted the balance and helped to get the car back on track.

She explained: "Everyone was screaming but something instinctive made me open my roadside car door and the shift in balance made the car swerve back onto the road. We were all so shaken".

But that wasn't the only bad holiday experience the family have endured, as one year they jetted off to Cyprus but were forced to relocate as they claimed there was bugs in their bed sheets.

She said: "Years ago, my mum and dad rented a house in Paphos for our family holiday, and, as soon as we turned up it was a disaster. There were bugs everywhere and the bedsheets were filthy. We laughed it off but we were gone first thing, never to return."

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