Prince Harry will always remember walking behind his mother's coffin.

Prince Harry reflects on Princess Diana's funeral

Prince Harry reflects on Princess Diana's funeral

The 38-year-old royal - who stepped down from royal duties in 2020 and moved to LA with his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex - was 12 years old when his mother Princess Diana was killed in a car crash at the age of 36 and explained that while it wasn't necessarily his decision to walk behind the coffin at the state funeral alongside his elder brother Prince William, now 40, the memory of doing so will always stick with him.

He said: "There were a lot of conversations that happened around that time that I wasn't part of. William was probably more part of the conversations than I was but the decision was made for us to walk behind our mother's coffin. There's absolutely no way that I'd let him do that himself and there's absolutely no way that he'd let me do that by myself if it was role-reversal. It happened. So the memories of the bridles clinking, the hooves going down the concrete on the Mall and the gravel underneath the foot, the wails of the crowd but otherwise complete silence. That will stay with me forever.

Prince Harry went on to reflect that the mood of the funeral was very similar to that of Queen Elizabeth - who died in September 2022 at the age of 96 following a 70-year-reign - but admitted that his mother had died "far too young" and that his grandmother had "finished life."

Speaking on ITV's 'Harry: The Interview', he told Tom Bradby: "Just recently, my brother and I walked the same route and said 'At least we know the way!' But otherwise, it was very similar. The only thing difference was that our grandmother had finished life. There was more of a celebration and respect for what she had accomplished whereas our mother was taken away far too young."