Prince Harry has revealed his final words to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, following her death last September.

Prince Harry has revealed his final words to Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry has revealed his final words to Queen Elizabeth

The 38-year-old prince was in the UK when the monarch passed away aged 96 but failed to make it to her Balmoral estate in Scotland in time to say goodbye to her before she died, thought he got to spend some time saying his farewells after she had gone, telling her he hoped she had been reunited with his grandfather Prince Philip, 17 months after his death.

He wrote in his new memoir 'Spare': “It was difficult, but I kept on thinking how I’d regretted not seeing my mother at the end.

"I stayed in one place without moving, gazing at her for a long time, gathered strength and continued going forward.

"I whispered to her that I hoped she was happy and that she was with grandpa."

And he also told the late queen he "admired her for having carried out her functions to the end... the Jubilee, welcoming the new Prime Minister".

Harry then walked out of the room to let his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, know he had arrived at the estate safely.

He also claimed in the book he learned the queen had died via the BBC's news coverage after his plane landed in Aberdeen and he received a text from Meghan which urged him to: "Call me the moment you get this."

And the Duke of Sussex had rowed with his father, King Charles, who had told him not to bring Meghan to Scotland with him.

He said of their phone call on the subject: "He said I was welcome at Balmoral, but he didn’t want … her.

“He started to lay out his reason, which was nonsensical, and disrespectful, and I wasn’t having it. [I replied,] ’Don’t ever speak about my wife that way.’”