Prince Harry was "saved" by his military career.

Prince Harry felt normal in the Army

Prince Harry felt normal in the Army

The 38-year-old prince credits the decade he spent in the Army - which he left in 2015 - as the first time in his life he felt "normal" and he relished the "challenges" he undertook in that time.

He said: "My military career saved me in many regard.

"[It] got me out of the spotlight from the UK press. I was able to focus on a purpose larger than myself, to be wearing the same uniform as everybody else, to feel normal for the first time in my life.

"And accomplish some of the biggest challenges that I ever had. You know, I was training to become an Apache helicopter pilot. You don't get a pass for being a prince.There's no prince autopilot button you can press and just whff -- takes you away."

And Harry - who was just 12 years old when his mother died in a car crash - admitted finding his "calling" in the military finally helped him to "heal" because he was able to utilise his pain in a positive way.

He added in an interview with Anderson Cooper on '60 Minutes': "I was a really good candidate for the military. I was a young man in my 20s suffering from shock.

"But I was now in the front seat of an Apache shooting it, flying it, monitoring four radios simultaneously and being there to save and help anybody that was on the ground with a radio screaming, 'We need support, we need air support.'

"That was my calling. I felt healing from that weirdly.

"It felt like I was turning pain into a purpose. I didn't have the awareness at the time that I was living my life in adrenaline, and that was the case from age 12, from the moment that I was told that my mum had died."