Prince Harry paid tribute to his mother Princess Diana at a glitzy awards ceremony in Beverly Hills on Friday (19.01.24).

Prince Harry's tribute to Princess Diana at awards ceremony

Prince Harry's tribute to Princess Diana at awards ceremony

The Duke of Sussex was celebrated as a Living Legend of Aviation at the event for his work as a helicopter co-pilot and gunner in the British Army.

He received the award from actor John Travolta, and spoke about the star's meeting with his late mother Princess Diana at a White House dinner for President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

Harry, 39, said: "I was just a one-year-old when you danced with my mum at the White House and now look at us. The only thing left to do is... not dance together but fly together."

According to, Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe - who also attended the awards - said: "John Travolta presented the award and he referred to the dance with his mother Princess Diana, (when) Prince Harry was one year old so he's like, 'Now I see you again under a new circumstance, on a new stage'.

"That was very touching and very sweet because we all remember how gorgeous the dance was of John Travolta and Princess Diana, and now Princess Diana's son is getting an award from John Travolta. It was the cutest, most touching moment."

Harry was not accompanied by his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, with it being reported that she was at home caring for their children.

During his speech, Harry said: "For me, flying has been a transcendent experience. A close encounter with magic, an invitation to both protect freedom… and to feel free, and, funny enough, an opportunity to ground oneself, without actually being grounded.

"I find my flight training — which was over the course of three years— to be one of life’s greatest lessons. It triggered a vast array of feelings."