Princess Diana’s astrologer has revealed what she thinks is written in the stars for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s daughter Lilibet 'Lili' Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Debbie Frank began working with the Duke of Sussex’s late mother in 1989 and the pair remained close until Diana died in a car crash in 1997, and she believes Lilibet will share some character traits with the woman who was known as "The People’s Princess".

Speaking about Lilibet - who is Meghan and Harry’s second child, coming after two-year-old son Archie - Debbie told PEOPLE: "She's going to be super chatty and engaging as a personality, and with the royal sign of Leo rising like Prince Charles, Camilla and Kate, she's got the personal presence to be a star in her own right … perhaps Lilibet will make the Queen smile like late husband Prince Philip did.”

Before going on to elaborate as to why she believes Lilibet, who was born last Friday (04.06.21) could also turn out to share further traits with Diana.

She added: "Her late grandmother Princess Diana was a sun sign Cancer with a high degree of emotional intelligence. Cancer likes to look after people, and little Lilibet could channel her energy into caring for others."

However, Debbie offered some words of caution about the dynamic between Lilibet and brother Archie, as she can see potential issues with their relationship because she believes Lilibet might "dominate" her older sibling.

She said: "Lili has an assertive moon in Aries, so she's got a strong desire nature - a need to get what she wants in double-quick time and a streak of bossiness which could dominate her more placid Taurean brother Archie."

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced the safe arrival of their daughter, Lilibet Diana, on Sunday (06.06.21) and the baby is named after Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth, whose pet name is Lilibet, and mother Diana.