Arsema Thomas loved working with an intimacy coach on 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story'.

Arsema Thomas enjoyed working with an intimacy coach

Arsema Thomas enjoyed working with an intimacy coach

The 28-year-old actress plays young Agatha Danbury in the new Netflix series, and Arsema has revealed that she relished working with an intimacy coach for her sex scenes with Cyril Nri, who plays Lord Danbury.

Arsema - who only graduated from drama school last year - told PEOPLE: "They were really amazing because both Cyril and I were coming into this space very new in a way.

"Cyril spoke about never having been in a space where there was an intimacy coordinator, so how refreshing that was.

"And me, I went to drama school during the pandemic, so I studied drama with all of us six feet apart. So, I've never even been that close to anyone. She was able to break everything down in such a way that made it disarming and so comfortable, using bite-size pieces."

Arsema felt comfortable during her sex scenes, which meant she was able to "just act and have fun".

She shared: "It was great because it was her top priority that we were comfortable, which meant that we could just act and have fun with the scene because she would be there to come in and check to make sure that nothing changed in any of our minds."

The actress is a long-time fan of executive producer Shonda Rhimes, and she found working on the 'Bridgerton' prequel to be a "surreal" experience.

She said: "It was one of the greatest privileges I think I've ever been able to have to date. Every day I felt as though this could not possibly be my life.

"I never thought I would actually be able to achieve what I wanted to achieve. So, to be waking up, going to sets, getting into hair and make-up, going through my lines for the day … I mean, I had to keep busy just so that I would keep myself cemented to the earth."

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