Rita Ora at the Grammys

Rita Ora at the Grammys

Rita Ora went to the Grammy Awards "incognito".

The 'Hot Right Now' singer has declined previous invitations to the US music extravaganza because she wanted to wait until she was nominated, but changed her mind to support her boyfriend - DJ Calvin Harris, who was up for two awards - although she wanted to remain anonymous while there.

She told BBC Radio 1: "The Grammys were really nervous because that was the first timed I'd ever been. I have an ego you see, I didn't want to go unless I had something to do there, or a nomination. Any musician I think would want something. But I went to support a partner and to explore it really. And I was kind of incognito; I don't know if you noticed, I was kind of in the background."

Rita, 23, admitted she was a little starstruck by some of the people she met at the show, and enjoyed watching the performances.

She added: "It was really interesting to see everybody, and bumping into 30 Seconds to Mars, who I had the honour of meeting, and kind of working with, almost. And just getting to see everybody in real life. I bumped into Smokey Robinson, he's like a legend. Beyoncé was probably the best performance. And Pink."

Earlier this week it was reported Rihanna "snubbed" Rita at the event by speaking to Calvin, but ignoring her.

A source said: "Rihanna deliberately kept her distance. She talked with Calvin at length but didn't acknowledge Rita."