Rob Kardashian feels "ashamed" he has lost touch with his friends.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

The reality TV star admitted he hasn't responded to messages from his pals for "years and years and years", and feels too "embarrassed" to face them now.

However, on the episode of his series, 'Rob & Chyna', Scott Disick told him it was time he faced his social anxiety fears.

Scott - who has three children with Rob's sister Kourtney - said: "All they want to do is spend time with you... not the outer you, but the inner you. You're lucky enough that you got guys that love you."

After much consideration, Rob, 29, finally agreed to meet his friends, but said he would do it on his own terms.

So when Scott went behind his back - along with Rob's fiancée Blac Chyna - to throw a surprise party with all of Rob's friends, the sock entrepreneur was more than a little irritated.

He said: "When this s**t freaks me out I want to go into hiding. I mean, it has to be the right time. I have to feel comfortable ... It's been years and years and years of not responding to any messages. I feel embarrassed ... and ashamed.

"Scott is just not getting it. I'm not down to have a whole barbecue of me explaining myself."

And while the reality star might not have been so comfortable with rekindling his old friendships, he was keen to show Chyna - who is pregnant with the couple's first child - how much he loves her by treating her to a surprise date.

Chyna, 28, said: "I can't even believe that Rob took the initiative and had this romantic date for me. It shows me that he really is listening and I feel like that's a big step forward."