Robert Redford

Robert Redford

Robert Redford insists he isn't upset not to be nominated for an Oscar for 'All is Lost', insisting it is just "business"..

The 77-year-old star had been widely expected to be in the running for Best Actor thanks to his performance in ocean survival saga 'All Is Lost' but his name was not on the shortlist announced yesterday (16.01.14).

However, the veteran actor blamed his absence on poor distribution for the movie, but insisted he isn't "disturbed" by the snub as he accepts the Academy Awards are just part of Hollywood "business".

Speaking at a press conference to launch the Sundance Film Festival in Utah yesterday, he said: "I don't want that to get in the way of why we're here. Let me just speak frankly about how I feel about it. Hollywood is what it is, it's a business and so when these films go to be voted on, usually they're heavily dependent on campaigns.

"In our case I think we suffered from little to no distribution. And so as a result, our distributors - I don't know why - they didn't want to spend the money, they were afraid, they were just incapable, I don't know.

"I'm not disturbed by it, I'm not upset by it because, like I said, it's a business."

'All is Lost' - which stars Redford as a man struggling to survive alone when his boat capsizes - is dialogue-free and the actor-and-director thought it would be the perfect project to go "back to [his] roots".

He said: "That [it was silent] was the first thing that I liked. Wow! I mean, this is really bold. And then once we talked, I said, 'This is a chance for me to go back to my roots and really be an actor.'

"By taking away dialogue, taking away voiceovers, taking away special effects, it was pure cinema the way cinema used to be."

Redford previously won an Oscar for Best Director for 'Ordinary People' and an Honorary Award in 2002.

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