Robin Thicke's six-year-old son "begged" for police to be called because he didn't want to spend time with his dad.

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker was due to visit six-year-old son Julian last month, but the youngster's nanny called 911 while they sat in his mother Paula Patton's car at a Malibu park with a court-appointed monitor asking for them to intervene because the 39-year-old singer was breaching the terms of a restraining order by being too close and refusing to leave.

In audio from the emergency services call obtained by TMZ, the woman said: "We need you guys to just intervene because we have a court order document that the child doesn't want to go with his father, he doesn't have to go, and now it's enforced.

"We need you to come and enforce the order. We have a restraining order, the person is within distance of the restraining order, he's in violation of it currently.

"This child is literally begging me and everyone else to call 911. That's how much he does not want to go."

And the call goes on to explain how Julian is frequently in tears and "praying to angels" in a bid to "avoid" visits to his dad every time they are scheduled.

The nanny continued: "He's six years old, and literally every time he has these visits, the night before, the day before, he's crying, he's praying to angels, he's trying to avoid it like the plague. It needs to end."

A source previously denied Robin - who is being investigated by authorities over claims he used excessive physical punishment on Julian - had breached the restraining order and accused the 'Baggage Claim' actress of being over an hour late for the scheduled visitation.

An insider said: "Here's what happens. Paula finally shows up and won't let Julian out of the car, she doesn't want to hand Julian over. The moderator is going between them and Robin is sitting in his car, doing as he's directed. And for some reason she called her housekeeper, and the housekeeper who was at the house, not at the park, mind you, calls the police and says Robin is violating his restraining order. And Robin never got out of his car. Paula then takes Julian and leaves.

"When the police showed up, she was gone. They went up to Robin and they said, 'Someone called saying you broke the restraining order' and he said, 'No, this is my designated spot to pick up my son. We have joint custody and we do this every week, I stay in the car.' He had a full conversation with the police and they didn't do anything. The saddest part about this is that was his only time to see Julian."

Robin has previously accused his ex-wife - who he split from in 2015 - of trying to drive a wedge between him and his son.

However, last week it was reported the pair are trying to settle their dispute and are on the verge of working out a custody agreement.