Rosario Dawson has revealed she really enjoyed kissing Jenny Slate in their recent New York Times photoshoot, despite never meeting her before, and admitted she tried to make sure   breath didn't smell.

The pair were involved in a very passionate exchange for the New York Times newspaper, despite never meeting beforehand, and Rosario tried to make sure she didn't have smelly breath.

Rosario Dawson and Jenny Slate chewed gum and talked about their "husbands" just before kissing each other for a photoshoot

She said: "It was fun, we had really great music that we were listening to, it was really great. We just kind of caught up and talked about our husbands. It was really great, it was really fun and I really dig her!

"We were nice about it, you know. I didn't have like pickles and tuna fish beforehand, we were thoughtful ... we had gum."

Rosario revealed the 32-year-old beauty - who is married to filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp - wasn't the publication's first choice to embrace her in the photoshoot but the star is pleased they chose Jenny because she loved making out with such a "beautiful" and "smart" woman.

Jenny Slate chewed gum just before kissing Rosario Dawson for a photoshoot

Speaking on talk show 'Conan' on truTV, she added: "I don't know if it is bad or inappropriate to say but there was another actress that they were talking about doing it with, and I was like, 'Sure, that would be kind of great.'

"Then they changed and said it was going to be Jenny and I was like, 'Oh awesome!' Because I've never met her before and I just think she's rather hilarious and awesome and beautiful and cool and smart.

"We got there and we said, 'Hello, hi, nice to meet you' ... you know, like it was kind of awesome ... this is what I do for a living sometimes! Sometimes you know, I go to work and I make out with really beautiful, smart, cool, funny women."

UK viewers can watch Rosario's interview on 'Conan' at 11pm on Monday (15.12.14), on truTV (freeview channel 68) - the home of larger than life characters in real situations.

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