Rumer Willis was scared of "trying new things" after she was targeted by online bullies.

Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis

The 'House Bunny' actress has confessed she was so scared of being criticised by trolls on the internet she struggled to step outside of her comfort zone and refused to stand up for herself.

The raven-haired beauty - who is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore - said: "There were times when personal stuff in my life was blasted everywhere and I couldn't leave my house for a week because I would be aggressively and dangerously followed.

"But the real pressure comes from the Internet and social media - the mentality that it's OK to attack people from behind a computer screen. Strangers say the nastiest things. Until recently the thought of making one misstep that could be criticised would stop me from trying new things and from standing up for myself."

However, the 26-year-old star - who was recently crowned winner of the ABC show 'Dancing With The Stars' - credits the competition for filling her with confidence and making her feel "more beautiful" than ever before.

She told the July issue of Glamour magazine: "The first day I danced on-air, I was nervous; I had been struggling, and the dress rehearsal hadn't gone well.

"But after I finished I felt more beautiful than I had in my entire life. Not because of how I looked - it's not about having on a fancy dress or having your hair and makeup done - but because of what I'd accomplished and worked so hard for.

"When you conquer something you didn't think you could do, energy and confidence radiate out of you, and that's more beautiful than if you were skinny or had the perfect face."