Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis wants to open a nightclub.

The 'House Bunny' star inherited "many millions of dollars" from her famous parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore when she turned 25 last year, and is now looking for an investment opportunity in Hollywood.

A source told "Rumer came into many millions of dollars last August on her 25th birthday and got full control of the trust Bruce and Demi set up for her. She wants to use it to invest in a hot business and has been telling friends she wants to own a nightclub. She's begun scouting existing Hollywood spots that could use her 'touch'."

However, the insider doesn't think Rumer will get the backing from her parents - who divorced in 2000 and have two other daughters, Scout, 22, and Tallulah, 20, together - for her new venture as their own foray into the hospitality industry was unsuccessful.

The source added: "Bruce and Demi had a bad experience in the club and restaurant business when they backed the once-famous Planet Hollywood chain that eventually flopped, so it's doubtful that they'll like the direction Rumer wants to take her investments. But Rumer has largely lost the acting bug and now that she's financially independent, she's going to try a lot of different things that don't involve her parents' careers."