Rumer Willis is "proud" of herself.

Rumer Willis' Instagram (c) post

Rumer Willis' Instagram (c) post

The 'Hostage' actress - who is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore - posted a throwback photo of herself and her younger sister Tallulah on Instagram to ring in her 29th birthday this week, and she was "celebrating" the "talent and confidence" she displayed as a young child.

She captioned the snap: "This is the girl I am celebrating today, the one who isn't afraid to take up space and isn't afraid of her talent or confidence. The one who shouts from the mountain tops that I am here and I have something to say. The little rue that the majority of my life I hid away cause I was scared she was too weird or nerdy or not good enough. Every once in a while she would make an appearance but very rarely and usually only with my sisters. The rest of the time I was working extremely hard to dim her shine and make sure I she didn't push anyone away cause she was too sparkly. Basically I was a Muggle....and for most of my adult life I thought that if I could be who everyone else wanted me to be that I would be accepted and happy, but I never was. I was miserable trying to contort myself every which way to please everyone else around me. At some point I lost sight of the little girl in this photo and she is done hiding away. So my gift to myself this year is be my weird, nerdy, sometimes awkward, talented, kind, bad tv show loving, occasionally OCD, sensitive, impulsive, beautiful, unique, sparkly self and not apologize to anyone for the incredible woman I have become. And remind that little girl in the photo everyday how proud I am of how far she has come. Happy Birthday Little Rue I love you (sic)"

Rumer also shared a photo of herself as a baby with her mother.

She wrote alongside the second snap: "Happy Birthday To Me and to the Mama who birthed me 29 years ago!! (sic)"