Russell Crowe is considering retiring from public life when he turns 60.

Russell Crowe is considering giving up his career when he hits 60

Russell Crowe is considering giving up his career when he hits 60

The 'Gladiator' star will reach the major milestone in April and he says his life will go in one of two different directions - he will either emulate his longtime friend and collaborator Sir Ridley Scott by working into his 80s or he will step away from Hollywood completely and never be heard of again.

Speaking at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic, Crowe explained: "You are standing in front of the mirror, and go: ‘Who the f*** is that?’ I am in that period now.

"I will take Ridley Scott as my role model: he is still discovering new things in his work. Or I will just stop and you will never hear from me again. I haven’t decided what it’s going to be. These are two very valid choices."

During the chat with journalists, Crowe also touched on one of Scott's upcoming project - a sequel to his 2000 blockbuster 'Gladiator' - and the actor insisted he doesn't want to be asked any more questions about the movie because he has absolutely no involvement.

According to Variety, he said: "They should be f****** paying me for the amount of questions I am asked about a film I am not even in. It has nothing to do with me. In that world, I am dead [his character is dead] . Six feet under. But I do admit to a certain tinge of jealousy, because it reminds me of when I was younger and what it meant for me, in my life.

"I don’t know anything about the cast, I don’t know anything about the plot. I am dead! But I know that if Ridley has decided to do a second part of the story, over 20 years later, he must have had very strong reasons. I can’t think of this movie being anything other than spectacular.”

Crowe also added another subject he wanted to stop answering questions about - beer. He explained: "You people are obsessed. No more questions about beer, I don’t give a s***. If I had a choice, I would be drinking Guinness. Sorry."