Salma Hayek has an inside-out approach to beauty.

Salma Hayek has revealed her beauty secrets

Salma Hayek has revealed her beauty secrets

The 56-year-old actress is famed for her good looks, and Salma believes she knows the key to her youthful-looking skin.

During an appearance on Kelly Ripa's 'Let's Talk Off Camera' podcast, Salma explained: "I know what it is. Because of a lot of things in my body and health issues, somehow I developed this strange meditation that I keep evolving. I can do it for hours because I don't feel the time. It's so much fun.

"It's actually feeling the energy. It moves and it dances inside of you, different feelings and sensations."

The Hollywood star actually notices a change in her appearance she doesn't meditate.

She said: "When I don't do it for some time, guess what? The face starts to drop and everything starts to drop. My herniated disc, the problem in my neck, the problem in my hip, my ankles - I start breaking down."

Salma previously revealed how her grandmother influenced her beauty routine.

The actress explained to ELLE: "My grandmother taught me how to take care of my skin from a very young age.

"When we were growing up, people would burn the seed of this fruit called Mamey. It doesn't exist here, and with the oil, you put it in your lashes to make them grow longer. We use it also on the hair."

Salma also hailed Penelope Cruz as a "classical beauty".

Speaking about some of her showbiz pals, Salma said: "I think Penelope is a classical beauty that will be beautiful forever.

"I think Reese [Witherspoon] has gotten more beautiful with time. I think Jada [Pinkett Smith] is gorgeous. I think Oprah is gorgeous. Natalie Portman I think is beautiful. Cate Blanchett! She's gorgeous."