Sam Ryder has said that backstage at the 'Eurovision Song Contest' is a "circus" in the best way possible.

Sam Ryder (c) Edward Cooke

Sam Ryder (c) Edward Cooke

The 32-year-old singer - who shot to fame on TiKTok during lockdown - will represent the UK at the 'Eurovision' Grand Final in Turin, Italy, on Saturday night (14.05.22) and described the area backstage with the other acts as being "normal" but "un-normal" all at the same time.

Asked what surprised him most about taking part, he said: "How endearing the whole thing is and how normal and real it is in a very un-normal way. It feels like you’re backstage at a school play but times one thousand - or more!

"But the stakes are a lot higher because you’re performing to 200 million people but you’re sharing the big green room and someone is warming up next to a buffet table or someone is adjusting their dress by a drinks machine or warming up in the toilet. It’s very real. Not glitzy in some ways, but it also is glitzy in somewhere. It’s very like the movie ‘Sing’!"

The 'Tiny Riot' hitmaker also revealed he has received words of encouragement from fellow star Lucie Jones - who represented the UK at Eurovision back in 2017 before more recently taking on the leading role in West End smash hit musical 'Wicked '- and said the pair can relate to the "circus" backstage.

He told BANG Showbiz and other media outlets: "Lucie Jones [has been in touch]. She represented us a few years ago and I want to give a shout out her. Talking of incredible singers, wow! Her pitch and technical ability as a vocalist is so admirable and she has just got the role of Elphaba in 'Wicked' and she’s smashing that. I saw her on opening night and she has been sending me messages of support, because she knows exactly what the whole sort of circus is like.

"And it is a circus in the whole way you’d expect – in the best way!"

Whatever the result, Sam revealed his plans to celebrate after the performance are simply to sit in front on the television with a curry and watch himself back on 'Gogglebox'.

He said: "I’m going to go home and have a curry with my family and my granddad and watch 'Gogglebox'. Which is weird because I’ll probably be on 'Gogglebox'! We’re getting very meta at this point!"

'The Eurovision Song Contest' is set to air on Saturday night (14.05.22) from 8pm on BBC One, with Graham Norton as host.

Check local listings for other ways to watch.