Sam Smith doesn’t want to be a role model.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith

The 28-year-old singer worries they have been put in a “dangerous position” by being publicly non-binary and although they think it is “wonderful” if they can help others understand or come to terms with who they are, they are very cautious of the responsibility because they know they’re not perfect.

Sam told Sunday Times Style magazine: “I think there is a lack of education and a lack of understanding.

“No one ever talked about queer sex or queer love growing up and I have been put in dangerous positions.

“I feel that if my music or gender expression helps anyone of any age see themselves in me, or it helps them understand, that’s wonderful.

“The concept of being a role model is wonderful, but it is not something I am looking for. I make mistakes. I am flawed.”

The ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ hitmaker doesn’t enjoy being famous because it is so “invasive”.

They said: “I wouldn’t say that I love fame. Fame means I can get certain messages across, which is a wonderful thing … but it’s very invasive. I was 21 when fame happened and my whole world changed.

“I didn’t realise how much of a homebody I was and how much I loved my privacy. You can’t go back.

“I have gotten used to it and am aware of how lucky I am, but I have to be cautious.”

Sam has learned to cope with the intention by refusing to read anything about themselves in the media.

They said: “ I remember I got papped when I was 22. I have always looked at myself with affection no matter how big or small I am, but I saw the picture and I felt ashamed. So now I don’t look at pictures or read anything about me, good or bad.”

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