Sandra Bullock has "the loudest children on the planet".

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

The 52-year-old actress claims that Louis, six and four-year-old Laila are deafening but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking to her friend Harry Connick Jr on his chat show, 'Harry', she said: "The babies are so good. So loud. So loud. I have the loudest children on the planet, I don't know if it's the acoustics, but they are amazing. That's because they are New Orleans kids, man.

"They are just good, funny souls."

And although Sandra adores her boisterous children, she admitted she enjoys her quiet time too when they are asleep.

She previously explained: "The most peaceful time of day is when I know for a fact that both of them are successfully asleep. I can leave their room knowing we have another day under our belt."

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that Sandra is "more open" to the possibility of getting married again.

The 'Blind Side' actress - who was married to Jesse James for five years from 2005 to 2010 - is having a great time with photographer Bryan Randall and is thought to be considering the possibility of tying the knot for a second time.

A source said: "Sandra and Bryan are life partners. Their close friends have never seen Sandra this happy before.

"Sandra as of lately has been more open to the possibility of getting married again."

The star is said to be in a "very serious" relationship with the snapper and he treats her two children as if they were his own.

An insider explained: "Bryan has officially moved in with Sandra. He still has his home as well, but lives with Sandra full time. They have been spending most of their time together. Bryan treats Sandra's children like his own. He really is a great father figure. Sandra is the happiest she has ever been."