Kristin Davis has learned to think "deeper" with age.

Kristin Davis loves getting older

Kristin Davis loves getting older

The 58-year-old actress reunited with her 'Sex and the City' costars Sarah Jessica Parker, 58, and Cynthia Nixon, 57, for the spin-off 'And Just Like That...' in 2021 and admitted that she "didn't expect" the level of scrutiny they received after almost two decades away from the screen but has been able to deal with it by finding a "balance" as the show enters production on its third season.

She told People: "Just because we're in our 50s doesn't mean we don't have important stories to tell. We we were like, 'It's okay. It'll be fine'. Well, it's one thing to think about it. Then you get there and you're like, 'Oh, gosh. This is so intense.'

"When you get older you're like 'What makes me happy? How am I enriched or can I enrich someone else?' You're thinking in a deeper way, and I love that part of aging. As you grow older, you think about those things more and it balances out the kind of hyper-focus on what you look like."

The 'Deadly Illusions' star is the adoptive mother of Gemma and Wilson and went on to add that these days she is more selective about the kind of work she chooses to take on because she needs to consider being able to spend time with her children as well.

She added: "I'm more choosy about how I spend my time. I have two kids, so everything is filtered through how much time I have separate from them, which isn't a lot, but I only do something if it's really important to me and is going to contribute to the world.