Shakira was fully "dedicated" to Gerard Pique during their relationship.

Shakira split from the soccer star in 2022

Shakira split from the soccer star in 2022

The 46-year-old singer split from the retired soccer star in 2022, and Shakira admits that the break-up has changed her life.

The chart-topping star - who now lives in Miami with their sons Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven - told Billboard: "I was dedicated to him. To the family, to him. It was very difficult for me to attend to my professional career while in Barcelona.

"It was complicated logistically to get a collaborator there. I had to wait for agendas to coincide or for someone to deign to come. I couldn’t leave my children and just go somewhere to make music outside my house. It was hard to maintain the rhythm.

"Sometimes I had ideas I couldn’t lock down. Right now, I have an idea and I can immediately collaborate with whomever I want to. Something inescapable about Miami, Los Angeles, the US in general is I have the logistical and technical support, the resources, the tools, the people. Living in Spain, all that was on hold."

Shakira believes her music career became a "third priority" during her time with Gerard, 36.

Despite this, Shakira acknowledges that it's tough to manage her music career while being a single mom.

The singer shared: "Now I can release music at a faster clip, although sometimes I think being a single mom and the rhythm of a pop star aren’t compatible. I have to put my kids to bed, go to the recording studio; everything is uphill.

"When you don’t have a husband who can stay home with the kids, it’s constant juggling because I like to be a present mom and I need to be there every moment with my children: take them to school, have breakfast with them, take them to play dates. And aside from that, I have to make money."

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