Shane MacGowan is said to have been communicating with “alien beings” and “dragons” before his death.

Shane MacGowan is said to have been communicating with ‘alien beings’ and ‘dragons’ before his death

Shane MacGowan is said to have been communicating with ‘alien beings’ and ‘dragons’ before his death

The Pogues frontman died aged 65 on 30 November after a series of devastating illnesses including pneumonia while surrounded by loved ones including his wife Victoria Mary Clarke – who revealed his belief he was speaking to other-worldly entities ahead of his passing.

Victoria, 58, was quoted by the Daily Star Sunday saying she and Shane had a “strong ethereal” life together.

She added the couple were into “Zen Buddhism”, which uses meditation, breathing exercises and mindfulness, and said Shane loved reading Taoist book ‘Tao Te Ching’, which shares lessons on humanity living in harmony and was written around 2,400 years ago.

She said: “(Shane) was communicating with dragons and alien beings. We were kind of space cadets together.”

‘Fairytale of New York’ singer Shane previously told how he was terrified of faeries he believed lived near his old family home in Nenagh, County Tipperary, saying the beings would “turn you mad” if you set foot in their dwelling.

Victoria has been posting regular updates on her Instagram on how she is dealing with her grief since Shane’s passing, with one of her most recent messages on how she believes her late husband’s ghost told her to play her guitar for the first time since his death.

Her note came after she told fans over the New Year break she has felt incapable of lifting the instrument she he passed away.

She said: “I haven’t played my guitar since @shanemacgowanofficial died but last night while I was trying to watch TV I kept getting nudges from him to open the drawer of his desk.

“I kept trying to ignore the nudges and I tried to keep watching TV but something wouldn’t let me and I had to get up and open the drawer. Inside the drawer was a plectrum, so I picked it up and then I picked up the guitar and played a few chords.

“And it genuinely felt like there was an energy that was coming through and making up a tune!!!

“Who knows what we are capable of from the other side? I do know that it felt really good to play the guitar!”

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