Shane Warne will "always care" for Elizabeth Hurley.

Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley

Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley

The retired cricket star - who become engaged to the 53-year-old actress in 2011 - has stayed close with his former flame after their four-year romance ended in December 2013, and he revealed they are still good friends.

During an appearance on Thursday's (06.06.19) episode of 'This Morning' he was asked if he still holds "a torch for her", and replied: "In a way of friendship and respect.

"We had a great time together and I'll always care about her and her son Damian. She always cares about my kids and always asks about them.

"We're great friends, the kids get along great, so yeah, it was a great time."

The Australian sportsman - who has kids Brooke, Jackson and Summer from his previous marriage to Simone Callahan - has referred to the relationship in his new biography 'No Spin'.

And Shane, 49, insisted neither of them did anything "wrong" leading to their split, but explained it was simple "one of those things".

He added: "Look we're still friends, we had four years of great times together. It wasn't anything that she did wrong or I did wrong, it was just one of those things which unfortunately got a little bit too hard. But we're still great friends now."

Previously, he said his relationship with Elizabeth - which he has described as the "happiest time" of his life - "just fizzled out".

He said: "Every relationship is different and it's whatever works for you two, is the right relationship.

"For us, we were great and it was the happiest time in my life. I was madly in love with Elizabeth."