Ed Sheeran is "pretty sure" Courteney Cox features on his new album.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

The 30-year-old singer has revealed he isn't entirely sure whether the Hollywood actress appears on '=' - his upcoming new album - or his 2017 record '÷'.

Ed told 'Entertainment Tonight': "She sings. I'm pretty sure she sings on background vocals on the album. I think she's on 'Visiting Hours'. If not, she was definitely on '÷' somewhere."

The chart-topping pop star subsequently explained how he came to work with Courteney, 57.

He said: "Well, my producer and songwriter, Johnny [McDaid] is dating her. Me and Johnny write most, like, we wrote 'Shape of You' together. We wrote 'Bad Habits' together. We work together a lot."

Meanwhile, Ed recently bought a new mobile phone - four years after getting rid of his last one.

The pop star revealed he's bought a Nokia 3310 so he can use the NHS app while he travels amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He shared: "I’ve been doing promotion overseas and quarantine afterwards.

"The government call you but I didn’t have a phone for them to call me on. They were really on me. I think they were trying to catch me out."

Ed actually received a call from someone within half an hour of leaving his house.

He explained: "I don’t know if they have GPRS tracking but we did a five day test to release thing and on the fifth day I left and then they rung and were like 'you’ve left your house'."

However, Ed wasn't sure how they knew he'd left the house so quickly.

The 'Perfect' hitmaker said: "I don’t know whether my neighbours are just ringing up. But I basically got the all-clear on an email just saying, 'You’re ready to go' so I left and within half an hour they were like, 'Why have you left?'"